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Sarah Gish
Photo credit: Only Once Images Photography

Please sit down, take a look around, and enjoy!

I have been creating art for the public since 2000 but have loved art forever. I grew up in a family where exposing kids to art and culture were of primary importance – the same way it is for me with my kids today. I got my B.A. in art history so I spent a lot of time examining art, memorizing art periods, and trying to guess what artists were thinking about it. It took me several years – and a lot of encouragement from others – to cross the creative line from being an art appreciator to becoming a VISUAL ARTIST. I truly think we are all artists in some way, and that all of our lives are a work of art, but some of us enter specific creative fields and call ourselves “artists” as a general term, which is what I’m doing here. I am a visual artist since that’s what I love best. Most of my art is conceptual assemblages and ALL of my art has a deeper meaning behind it and a story to tell. In fact, I literally write up a story for each piece which brings it to life in a unique way. I often use found objects in my art which I transform into something completely different, taking something very ordinary (such as a vegetable steamer, an eyeglass lens, or a hubcap) and re-working it to create a metamorphosis. I think that everything and everyone in our world has that potential so this art practice informs how I live my life. I have many more deep thoughts about my work and what I’m doing – for more of those, click here.

My latest art project is “IGNITE YOUR LIFE!”. That project kicked off at the Children’s Museum of Houston on July 4, 2013 (a perfect day for ignition!) and was taken out for a wild ride on the road in the summer of 2013. My goal with it is to inspire everyone around the world to light a match to their own passions and to create connections among people. Please like the Facebook page for the latest news and images and events. I’ll be posting updates on where I’ll be taking IGNITE YOUR LIFE! out into the community and I’ll create event pages for our pop up IGNITE! activities, which include handing out my “12 Ways to Ignite Your Life Daily” cards, doing bus stop dances, giving flowers to strangers…and much more! I plan to host exhibitions with the videos and photos I’ve taken for the project and I’m writing a book about my experiences on the road and the people I’ve met along the way and their wonderful stories of how they ignite their lives.

Like all creativity, my art is constantly transforming, updating, and changing. Please join me for this ride and let’s see how we can ROCK OUR WORLD!

Sarah Gish

Houston, Texas


P.S. In addition to needing heavy doses of inspiration, lots of great art supplies, and love from friends and family, artists also need money to keep doing what they’re doing. We rely on grants, sales, and donations – and word-of-mouth to spread the word about our projects. I would appreciate your helping me out in any of those ways if you can! A simple way is to tell others about my art. And much of my art is for sale, so please contact me (713.492.1173 or sarah@gishcreative.com) if you are interested in purchasing pieces you see here. Or, if you are moved to assist me by supporting me in a general way with your money, you can do so in two ways, shown below. All donations will be payable to Gish Creative and are not tax-deductible. THANK YOU for however you can help. I am grateful.


1. Via credit card through the PayPal button below

2. Via checks made out to GISH CREATIVE and mailed to 1940-A Fountainview, PMB 116, 77057.

"Ignite Your Life!" Art Project, Peggy Oki
Peggy Oki, photo by Sarah Gish
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